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April 13
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         “(Y/n)! Hold still! I can’t do your hair properly if you keep bouncing around like that!” A frustrated Germany said as you continued to spring happily on your bed. He gave you a stern look as he held the brush in his hands and you continued to run on your bed.

         “But I can’t stay still Vati! I’m too excited! This is going to be my first party ever! And all the countries are going to be there too!” You screamed joyfully and bounced once again.

         “Yes, that’s true. But if your hair isn’t done I’m not taking you!”

         Within half a millisecond, you sat down obediently and held your breath so you didn’t move a muscle.

         “You can breathe Liebe, just don’t wiggle around.”

         Inhaling dramatically, you waited patiently as your dad finished putting your silky hair into an elaborate ponytail. He brushed away some loose strands and smiled at his masterpiece. Intricate braids were woven into your hair and tied around the base of your ponytail. It went perfectly with the beautiful little dress you were wearing that was dark and had plaid trimmings on the edges. You had on tiny black shoes which carried a red bow at the center that were a gift from Prussia.

         To put it bluntly, you looked friggin adorable. Germany puffed up with pride at his tiny, radiant princess. He picked a sweater that might be needed later, following your bouncing figure to Prussia’s room. You opened the door, only to see a half-naked Prussia running around trying to find his other shoe.  He then hastily shoved on a muscle shirt and ran to his closet to pick out a shirt.

         It was a rather comical scene. Germany could only sigh as Prussia managed to put on his collar shirt backwards, while you were struggling to contain your laughter.
                 "Prupru doesn't know how to put on a shirt," you commented.

         “Hurry up! Or we’ll leave without you.” Germany called a bit irritated.

         “Aw, West! Don’t be like that! What if a sexy lady goes and she ends up lonely?” Prussia pouted.

         “Germy, what does sexy mean?” You asked straightforwardly.

         Germany’s face went into a prominent blush and he answered, “You don’t need to know about it and you-”he pointed menacingly at Prussia, “stop with the perversion of (y/n)’s mind or I will end you!”

        He swiftly picked you up and made his way out the front door. Prussia continued to complain all the way to the car and joined you in the laughter as Germany began to scold his older brother for his rather adulterated ways.

         “Come on West! You can’t live like a priest forever. When are you going to have fun again, hmm? Go on a date or something.” Germany ignored his brother’s comments and focused on driving.

         Germy, dating? You thought with a sense of dread. But, what about Mama? Can he really forget about her so easily? If Germy remarries, that means I’ll have a stepmom. What if she’s really mean like in the fairytales? I don’t want a new mom. Germy can be both mom and dad can’t he?

         The dampening thoughts ended as the car parked in front of Britain’s house. Pushing all negativity away, you looked out the window towards the elegant home. It was of two story height, with plenty of flowers in the garden. Lush green grass was mowed to perfection as the sound of music faintly made its way to your ears.

        Germy held onto your hand and walked through the gate that separated the front yard from the backyard. You could only gasp at the beautiful setting the party was to take place in. Numerous iron tables were strewn about, each one a dark shade of mahogany and expertly crafted. A long wooden table held many plates and glass dishes of delicious looking foods and appetizers. The entire back yard was covered in green, healthy blades of grass. Farther still was a solitary umbrella tree, and rows of bushes lined the ends of the yard. Past the umbrella tree was a huge fountain made from polishing marble. A stone path led to what appeared to be a stable.

         You could hardly contain your glee at such a wonderful place. Dragging Germany forward you sprinted towards the man with a forest above his eyes.

         “Thank you for inviting me to your party.” You smiled at him.

        “Thank you for coming. My, what a polite young lady.” Britain gleamed at you.

         “Germy made me practice that all morning.” You said, making Germany blush.
         Britain could only laugh at your honesty. He welcomed you both warmly and led you to a table. Since you were early, you waited until more countries could arrive. Soon the yard was filled many countries. It wasn’t until you saw a certain blond man that you jumped out of your seat to greet him.

         “Sweety!” You called out.

        The man in question turned around and smiled at your breathless form. He stuck out a hand and you shook it dutifully. As you pulled him to your table, other countries stared in amazement as you continued talking to the intimidating Swedish man. You talked with him throughout the whole party and in between the meal, which was delicious.

         After finishing your meal, you left your seat to go explore the gardens more closely.

        “(y/n)-” Germany began, but was stopped by Prussia.

        “Let her have some fun.”

         Germany nodded and watched as you made your way to the fountain. Assuring himself that you would be fine, he then began to talk to Britain over some matters that worried him. Knowing that Britain once held many colonies, Germany decided that he would be the best person to ask for parenting advice.  They discussed how difficult it was to be a single parent and how wonderful it is to have children.  It wasn’t long until Germany’s greatest concern was stated.

         “I’m worried (y/n) is missing out on having a mother- I mean, every child deserves to have both parents. What if she becomes too masculine or something? I can’t be her mother and she may feel like she needs to act like a boy to be accepted. Even now, she seems to handle things in a more boyish manner.”

        “I agree completely.” Britain concurred. “Children should be exposed to both kinds of personalities, feminine and masculine. However, seeing as America was a boy, I didn’t have too much of an issue. Except that one time he dressed up as a princess for Halloween, but that’s beside the point.”

          “Maybe I should take up Prussia’s advice and begin dating again.”

         “I suppose you could do that, but be careful that you don’t make it seem like you’re replacing (y/n)’s mother.”

         “I could never do that!” Germany retorted angrily.

        “Easy there Germany. Perhaps you should hire a female tutor or a nanny for (y/n).” He patted Germany’s shoulder empathetically as he walked away to socialize with the other guests. Germany contemplated Britain’s advice silently as he thought more and more about hiring a nanny.

        Meanwhile, you had been walking around the edges of the fountain and watched the little fish swim absentmindedly. You sat down, and turned your upper half so you could inspect them more.

         “Hello, little fish.”

        Dipping your finger in, a giggle emanated from your lips as they sucked at your finger. You copied the face they made and sucked in your cheeks to become a fellow fish. You watched as they swam away from a shadow lurking behind you.

         Turning around, you were met face to face with the mean boy from the world meeting. Frowning, you tried to leave him, but he blocked you when you wanted to pass.

        “What do you want?” You asked in a harsh tone.

         He smiled wickedly and said, “I just want to be your friend.”

        Not believing him, you stated, “You’re not my friend! You’re a liar!”

        Acting hurt, he placed both hands against his heart and scrunched up his face. “All I wanted to do was warn you but if you’re going to be mean than I’m leaving!” He turned around and walked away quickly.

         “Wait!” You called out. “Warn me about what?”

         Not seeing his malicious grin, he turned around with a bored look. He shrugged, and smugly closed his eyes.  Rolling your eyes and relenting, you said, “Alright, alright. Friends.”

        He smiled, and beckoned you closer. “I just heard Germany talking to Britain. He said that he is going to get a new wife, one who is prettier than your Mama. He’s going to force you to call her mother, and clean her shoes every day.”

        Shaking your head, you refused to believe him. It’s not possible. Your Germy is never going to forget about your Mama. He told you so.

        Deciding you didn’t want to hear more, you ran back to your table and hugged on tightly to Germany’s leg. Begging to go home, Germany wondered what happened to your enthusiastic attitude that was there before. You begged some more and when he saw tears begin to form he gave in. As he went to say goodbye to the other guests, Sweden came up to you.

         He didn’t say anything as you grabbed onto his legs. Bending down, he picked you up. Digging in his pocket, he handed you a card that had his address written on it. Understanding immediately, you held he cherished card close to you and smiled despite the last tears dripping down your face. He gingerly wiped the last one away and said, “Don’t forget how much your father loves you.”

        Blinking, you watched his tall figure walk away. Feeling better about what Sealand said earlier, you destroyed all fears and smiled as Germany picked you up. He noticed your change in attitude once again and could only wonder about the cause for your mood swings. He told this to Prussia, who only stated, “If you think she’s moody now, just wait until her teen years.”

       A terrifying thought of you in an extremely tight mini skirt, with a pound of makeup on your face, and dyed rainbow hair, caused the fierce Germany to mentally crumble. He shivered the thought away and picked you up to finally go home.

       When you were in bed, fast asleep, he watched as you went into R.E.M sleep. Wishing you pleasant dreams, he closed the door and looked in his drawer for a certain number.  

         In the morning, you awoke with a unexplainable surge of happiness. You didn’t wait for Germany to come up and pick your clothes, and you tried (and failed) to fix your own hair. Bouncing down the steps happily you danced your way into the kitchen. You fixed your denim skirt and pulled out the wrinkles from your shirt. Opening the door you were greeted by the scrumptious smell of breakfast and the stare of a mysterious woman.

         Both Germany and this new girl stopped talking when they noticed your presence. The joy you felt earlier disintegrated into ashes. Germany stood up, and said, “(y/n), I’d like you to say hello to your new tutor, Miss Hungary.” She gave an award winning smile and he continued, “She will be teaching your etiquette, geography, arithmetic, history, language, art and music.” He paused for a bit, “Say hello, Schatz.”

         You could only gape at this stranger. “How could you?” You managed to squeak.

         Germany’s brightness slowly dimmed as he began to frown. “(y/n),” he warned severely, “say hello.”

         Not withholding the tears any longer, you whispered, “How could you replace Mama?” Gaining more anger, you repeated, “How could you replace her!?”

         Not wanting to hear an answer, you quickly ran out of the kitchen and out the front door. You ran past the street, not slowing down even when you heard Germany calling out to you. The soft falling rain did nothing to your racing feet as you skidded a bit on the sidewalk. Taking a short cut, you ran to the only place where you knew you’d be safe: Sweden’s house.
I have no excuses for this being so horrifically late. Super thank you for waiting so long, you glorious readers!
Please note that the next installment will probably take even longer to be made, seeing as how I have AP tests coming up, and CSTs, and the EAP, and SAT...;.;
Thank you for reading, please comment! Comments are good for the soul! Ok, bye Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1]  
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